The Green Mop ®

Eco-Friendly Residential/Commercial Cleaning Company

Impact Fees

We try to avoid implementing additional fees but due to all the last minute cancellations and keys not being left for our cleaners (for those who do not want to give us a key), we have to implement additional fees to compensate for the losses.

For last minute cancellations (less than 18 hours) or forgetting to leave a key at the house when the crew arrives, we still have to pay the employees for the drive to the house and back, and we have to pay for their gas to get there and back.  So, when you cancel an already scheduled cleaning, we have to pay these costs to them regardless.  So, please try and cancel 18 hours ahead of time.  If the cancellation is less than 18 hours we will need to charge you a $50 fee for cancelling to help recover costs lost.