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Pricing a job

Residential Pricing

Ovens -  up to $20 - depends on extent

Refrigerators (filled) - up to $30 - depends on extent

Main Pricing depends on a lot of factors, not just the number of rooms and the general size of the home.  Also, additional tasks added to the house cleaning (such as cleaning the refrigerator and sweeping outside) and other factors adds time to the job and therefore the price will be higher. 

For example, let's say we have two homes that are identical in size and the number of rooms.  One house is kept very clean, open,  and orderly and there aren't a lot of knic knacks or things to move.  Also, let's say that house does not have children or pets and only one person living there.  Now, let's say we have the same identical house in size and rooms but it now has two adults, two kids, two dogs, a cat, and a lot of stuff piled inside the house and is not picked up daily. 

The price for the first house could be as much as 50% less because the time involved to clean it will be conversely 50% less.  A lot of factors go into assessing what the cost of the job will be and therefore that's why we come to see the house to understand and properly assess the costs. 

Another significant factor in price is how often we clean your place.  If it is a weekly job, then the price could be significantly less than a monthly job because homes tend to get real dirty over a months time and a lot of time is necessary to return the home to its original state of cleanliness - almost like doing a first cleaning each time.  We recommend having your home cleaned at least twice a month and possibly weekly depending on how many complexity factors you have noted above.   

Commercial Pricing

Commercial pricing is a totally different ball game in some ways but similar in others.  It still comes down to complexity of the job, frequency of the cleanings, and the total time it takes to get the job done with the number of people needed to complete the tasks in the time necessary as determined by the clients.