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Other information

For those who, after the bill is sent, question the cleaning time, you need to do the following ahead of the cleaning.  Sync your watch with the cleaning team leader as to the start and the finish time.  Your watch and theirs may not be showing the same time.  We can not base your bill days after the fact on what you thought the time was, or what your significant other thought it was or what the nanny thought it was, based on what you or they remember the beginning and end times to be.  If you want to track this we need to sync your watch up with the teams watch at the current time and day so there aren't any issues afterward about payment amount.  The teams start the clock and end the clock on every home so they are very experienced at this.

Policy on Payment:  payment is always due at the time of cleaning.  We give a grace period of 1-2 days for the email invoice for only those who don't pay a set amount each time and send a check or use a bank bill payer service once their credit is established with us.

All new clients are required to pay a deposit in advance or pay when cleaning is completed if you are there.  We need to ask that you pay promptly to avoid late fees that will be added this year.  You can always pay an amount within 10-20 dollars of the estimated amount and we will credit, bill, or refund any delta if you aren't sure of the final total.
Anything 3 weeks late will incur a 50 dollar fee and an additional charge of 20 dollars per month additional until paid in full.

Special Instructions:

Please remember to provide any special instructions to us via email or phone the day before and do not leave special instructions for the cleaners at the time of cleaning.  They may need translating and explaining to the team.  Our staff is briefed on all jobs in the morning of the work day and instructions are typed up in appropriate language for each team.

Recleans versus refunds:

We do not provide refunds but we do provide recleans of areas that are missed if you tell us within a day or so.  We will send the team right back out again to reclean any missed areas.  This also helps the team learn your home and not miss anything in the future.

Cleaning Start Times:

Please know that we can only provide approximate times for arrival.  All of us living in DC and the surrounding area know what the traffic is like.  It is very difficult to be exactly on time with special events, weather, road construction, accidents, delays at the previous homes, etc. but we do our best to get there when requested.  Also, please be considerate of other clients as well regarding allowing us access to your residence at your scheduled time to make sure our teams can stay on schedule for every one.