The Green Mop ®

Eco-Friendly Residential/Commercial Cleaning Company

Not like other cleaning companies!


Here's some things I think are different:

We are a large enough company to work any size home or business and have capacity to take jobs almost immediately - same day/next day service. Most competitors are too small to do this and you have to schedule way in advance and they also have a bad habit of just not showing up or responding/answering your phone or email contact.

We read, respond, and work your email requests at least 18-20 hrs per day 7 days a week 365 days a year and usually within just minutes of you sending it. There are people in the office 6 days a week too if you do want to talk to someone as well.

We have an office staff to email and talk with you from 8 am to 5 PM every week day and 8-3 PM on Saturdays and email basically 24/7 365 days a year as we do love this job and treat it as more than a job.
Whom else does that kind of communication?

If you become a regular client with frequent cleanings we lock in your rates/cost for sometimes years so you always have the same fixed price/cost as we appreciate consistent long term clients with frequent cleanings.

We reclean any missed areas for free usually the same or next day.

We work with you on changing times and days and try and avoid charging any cancellation or change fees - rarely happens we have to charge.

We credit you immediately on anything accidentally broken.

We are good on taking payment after the cleaning once you become a trusted client - we still need to get payment in a week but you can send by your bank like any other bill or pay with credit card, etc.

We have been doing this a long time and know how green cleaning should be performed - no chemical smells that hurt you or your kids or pets.

This company is run by a retired ex-Government Official that had an advanced TS SCI clearance - its all done by the book so you can trust this company.

This company is very successful so its in outstanding financial shape so we don't need to "nickel and dime" clients and aren't financially desperate to take advantage of clients.

We only hire the most qualified workers and its a constant challenge to stay on this team as we expect the best performance from our team.

We have many long time clients - long term relationships and treat all with respect. We do love that part of this business - the long term great relationships we have built.

We accept all types of cleaning instructions - even on the same day and work to them immediately.

We are flexible to perform all types of tasks so just ask.

We are flexible to work to whatever your budget is but there is a minimum charge for any visit due to just the cost to get the team to your door.

We do free estimates (by phone/email) for you on jobs. We quit wasting time (yours and ours) going to homes as we can provide a cost range estimate as good over the phone or in email as seeing the place. Unless you live in a dump, which is rare and sometimes happens the costs are pretty predictable.

We have office managers that will intervene for you if you have any issues with the work.

We work to a code of conduct that includes a fairness code to be just, and right, and fair to all.

In summary, we are different due to the fact that the owners are both college educated with very advanced degrees from prestigious colleges, one of which worked for NASA as an rocket scientist/engineer for 25 years and the other is a Georgetown graduate with honors. We aren't working because we have to and built a company that is good and fair for the clients and remains good and fair for the workers while helping the environment.